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various regions have introduced innovative mooncake flavors based on their local characteristics.

As Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, people are looking for their favorite mooncakes with different fillings. Some like sweet ones, while others prefer savory.

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Jingmao international exhibition Co., Ltd.

Introduction to Beijing Jingmao international exhibition Co., Ltd.:
Beijing Jingmao international exhibition co., LTD, as a subsidiary of Beijing New Jingmao International Exhibition co., LTD, was founded in June 2002, with more than 40...

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"CBBE China International Baking Exhibition"

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"CBBE 2022" with "Happy baking Vivid Beijing "

China, once a developing country which has now emerged as a newly industrialised nation, has become an engine of the global economy, with ever-increasing opportunities for foreign suppliers and investors. The food industry is one of the fastest-growing se...

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"Happy baking Vivid Beijing "

"CBBE China International Baking Exhibition", referred as Beijing Baking Expo, has become a renowned international professional exhibition in the baking industry after 18 years of development. In 18 years totally more than 50 countries and regio...

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What are the latest trends for Chinese wine consumers – report

According to the latest consumer behaviour research conducted by the Beijing University of Agriculture, Chinese consumers prefer wines with a touch of sweetness and less tannin, although health concerns prevent them from buying dessert wines.
The surv...

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